Columbus Dispatch Editor Takes Veiled Swipe at SI's Tressel Story

By Cam Martin 

Within a largely self-congratulatory editorial about his newspaper’s coverage of the scandal engulfing the football team at The Ohio State University, Columbus Dispatch editor Benjamin J. Marrison takes a veiled swipe at Sports Illustrated‘s recent treatment of the same story.

A few wondered why we didn’t use more information from an article published the day after (Jim) Tressel’s resignation in Sports Illustrated, which alleged that many more than six players traded or sold memorabilia with local tattoo parlors. The magazine also published scathing anecdotes about Tressel.

Much of the story was known and previously published by The Dispatch and other news organizations over the past decade. New information in the story generally came either from anonymous sources or ones we deemed questionable. We were uncomfortable using such damaging allegations when we could not judge the veracity of the sources.


(H/T to The Big Lead)