Fox’s Colin Cowherd Bashes ESPN for Being Too ‘Disney’

By Brian Flood 

ESPN-turned-Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd took a few shots at his former employer, bashing ESPN for being too “Disney.” Cowherd proclaimed, “when you think of Disney, you think of Lion King, you think of Frozen, you think Dancing With Stars, and you think Pocahontas, and you think kids, and theme parks.”

Cowherd famously had his relationship with ESPN and Disney terminated early when he made controversial remarks about Dominican baseball players back in July.

“That’s the culture; it’s Disney-owned. Fox is owned by a family, The New York Post, Bill O’Reilly, Sons of Anarchy, some strong political opinions, Family Guy can be offensive. So you have different cultures,” Cowherd said when comparing the rival networks. “This culture’s very, very…they don’t care what you put on your Twitter account. They don’t give a rip. My Twitter account was monitored at the other place.”

Cowherd says he has “respect” for ESPN, but spent several minutes ripping the World Wide Leader for its inconsistency when it comes to gambling. ESPN started issuing “cover alerts” during college football games, but stopped when the NCAA voiced displeasure.

“If I can be critical of ESPN, they’ve become incredibly reactionary over the last three or four years for a variety of reasons… but here’s the thing: sports gambling’s not going anywhere. But ESPN’s in a very odd place with this, because they wanted to buy DraftKings. This company [Fox] owns 10 percent of DraftKings.”

Cowherd also took a shot at his former lead-in program Mike & Mike, saying “we used to call it ‘Mickey and Mickey in the morning.’ It’s very Disney, it’s very safe, it’s very likeable, nobody’s going to get yelled at. It’s a very easy place for advertisers to come in, park their insurance commercial and nobody’s going to be offended.”

Check out Cowherd’s entire rant:

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