CNN/TIME Politics ’08: Media Bias? Say It Ain’t So

By Chris Ariens 

TVNewser is twittering from the “Media: Biased and Elitist?” panel this morning at the CNN/TIME Politics ’08 conference. The panel is moderated by Howard Kurtz and features HDNet’s Dan Rather, among others: Here’s the Twitter feed from earlier:

* Rather’s end note: “Fear should not exist in an American journalist. Don’t back down” 53 minutes ago
* Rather on Bush-National Guard: “there is something there…need to have people stand up, take an oath to tell the truth.” about an hour ago
* Rather asked about 60 Minutes Bush National Guard report. “this isn’t the place to go into that. I’m involved in a court suit.” about an hour ago
* Rather: “press gets defensive” when atracked by campaigns. “We need to be independent with a capital I” about an hour ago
* Rather: “we need a redefinition of what mainstream media is.” about an hour ago
* Rabinowitz: “don’t underestimate the ignorance” of TV talkers. Blasts Campbell Brown as “nototious offender” of bias against Sarah Palin. about an hour ago
* Kurtz: “are you suggesting the non-blondes are better strategists?” Rabinowitz: “Yes!” about an hour ago
* Rabinowitz: who are these “fluffy blondes” who show up on TV after the debates? They’re not strategists” about an hour ago
* Rather: “my guess is any number of people fell asleep during debates” about an hour ago
* Rather: “let’s be clear these are not debates. They are not by the people and for the people. They are by the candidates for the candidates” about an hour ago