CNN’s Scare: Was The Virus “Important Information You Need To Know?”

By Brian 

We now know that yesterday’s CNN virus scare was not so serious. After all, as notes, Microsoft called it “low impact.” (And “at any given time there are thousands of computer worms and viruses in existence.”) So for the record, here are some of Wolf Blitzer‘s comments on the air yesterday afternoon:

> “A potentially huge story.”

> “This is a serious problem we’re watching unfold right now.”

> “We’re following some breaking news, important breaking news here in the United States, around the world.”

> “This is a problem, a serious problem, potentially not only affecting computer users here in the United States or in North America, but computer users around the world. Important information you need to know that we’re trying to provide.”

> “A second worm, presumably, is affecting a lot of computer systems out there in the United States, North America, around the world, in Europe, and Asia, and that individuals who are watching us right now on CNN and CNN International, it would be a good idea for them to take a step back and shut down their computers, their home computers.”