CNN’s New Graphics: “Official News Network For The Visually Impaired!”

By Brian 

CNN has increased the font size of its graphics, as the image to the right (courtesy demonstrates. “They’re hard on the eyes and more difficult to read,” one e-mailer complains. “It looks like they’re the official news network for the visually impaired!,” another person says. “I guess their attempt to have an on-air look that was somewhat tasteful and restrained compared to FNC was simply a short-term experiment.”

> “Jon Klein said months ago that he didn’t like the tiny letters,” notes.

> “Maybe if our graphics department could settle with an image everyone is happy with, we wouldn’t have to change so much,” an insider complains…

> Update: 5:15pm: “I feel like CNN’s screen is yelling at me now. I want to tell it to shhh,” Dan e-mails…