CNN’s Kyung Lah Reveals Her Team’s Rental Car Is Broken Into, Robbed While Covering Crime in San Francisco

By A.J. Katz 

Sometimes journalists become part of the story they’re trying to cover. CNN senior national correspondent Kyung Lah experienced this first-hand late last week.

Lah revealed via Twitter on Friday that she was working on a segment about street crime in San Francisco when she suddenly became a victim of … street crime in San Francisco.

Lah said that she and her team, including CNN L.A. producer Jason Kravarik, were quickly robbed while trying to film a segment at San Francisco’s City Hall. She posted an image of the team’s rental card with its back window smashed in.


Lah added that the security CNN hired tried to “grab the crooks,” but the only thing that was obtained was a photo of the Infiniti the thieves sped off in.

The CNN correspondent also tweeted that she had her passport and ID stolen, but added that didn’t end up being an issue because she was flying Southwest later, and the airline often runs into the issue in San Francisco.

Despite the episode, Lah maintains that San Francisco “is a beautiful city. This is our 3rd day here and I’ve loved my time here.” However, there are certainly problems with crime in the city, even if one travels with security.