CNN’s Jon Klein on Internal Reaction to Spitzer Hire: ‘It’s an innately controversial decision. I mean, there’s no doubt about it’

By Chris Ariens 

A jam-packed “Reliable Sources” this morning with many of the stories we’ve been covering this week. Some of the highlights:

• CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein on hiring Eliot Spitzer as a prime-time host:

“Ultimately, the fact that he had acknowledged his mistakes, had apologized for them and still was very much engaged in the world of ideas tilted the balance for us.”


• CBS’s Lara Logan, criticizing Rolling Stone’s Michael Hastings for his reporting on Gen. Stanley McChrystal:

“That is exactly the kind of damaging type of attitude that makes it difficult for reporters who are genuine about what they do.”

• Hastings on the criticism of his reporting:

“If Bill O’Reilly is calling you a far-left critic… that probably means you’re doing a good job.”

• ABC News “20/20” co-anchor Chris Cuomo on the networks buying photos and video from people they interview. ABC acknowledged to TVNewser last week that a woman Cuomo interviewed related to the Joran van der Sloot was compensated.

“I would like it if there were an agreement… that there will be no licensing fees paid… Let’s never pay another dime for anything.”

Here’s the transcript from today’s show…