CNN’s Jamie McIntyre: The Third-Funniest Reporter On The Planet!

By Brian 

CNN senior Pentagon correspondent and “stand-up comedy virgin” Jamie McIntyre is the third-funniest reporter on the planet!

Three judges presented McIntyre with the prestigious title at NYC’s Laugh Factory Thursday night.

“I sort of entered this because people at CNN tell me I’m funny,” McIntyre told TVNewser this morning. “I have a reputation for goofing around, especially off-camera. I also have a reputation for being the serious guy at the Pentagon that covers war and death and destruction. So I figured I’d give it a shot, kind of a midlife crisis thing. I’d give it a shot and see how it goes.”

He went in with very low expectations. “I didn’t tell jokes, I just talked about funny stuff that was going on at the Pentagon and the humor at CNN,” he said.

What sort of humor at CNN?

“Well I probably got the biggest laugh about CNN when I was talking about Rumsfeld. I said ‘It’s not really Rumsfeld I’m afraid of, it’s Lou Dobbs.’

After you finish a report he always grills you…

‘The typical Lou Dobbs question after you finish is: ‘Jamie, how could what you reported possibly be true considering it flies in the face of everything I personally believe?’ ‘”

Reporters from outlets like MSNBC, Forbes, Business Week, the New York Post participated, and the event’s proceeds benefited the Comedy Cures Foundation.

Three professional comedians judged the 16 reporters, and McIntyre placed third, after a local newspaper reporter and a NJ radio reporter…