CNN’s Getting Stimulated

By Chris Ariens 

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Today CNN begins a new series called “The Stimulus Project” which will break down where the money from the last year’s stimulus package has gone — who it’s helping, and who’s abused the program. The series continues all week ahead of Saturday’s release of new stimulus data.

Leading the coverage on CNN/U.S. will be chief business correspondent Ali Velshi and CNN business correspondent Christine Romans. Velshi, along with CNN anchor TJ Holmes and correspondents Tom Foreman and Josh Levs, will review projects from a fancy new “Stimulus Desk.” Not paid for with stimulus money.

More in the press release after the jump…


In Addition to Continuing Coverage of Haiti and the Upcoming State of the Union, Programming to be Devoted to the Impact of the Stimulus Plan

Reports Begin on Sunday, January 24 across CNN Platforms

In addition to CNN’s continuing coverage of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti and the upcoming State of the Union, CNN will devote programming to the impact of the economic stimulus plan one year after it was enacted. Beginning on January 24 and continuing through January 29, CNN will break down where the money has gone, whom it’s helping, and who has abused the program. In advance of the January 30 release of new stimulus data, CNN will utilize its vast TV and online reach to inform its viewers about which projects have received the stimulus dollars, what is and isn’t working, if Americans’ lives have changed for the better, and who’s still fighting to get help. Beginning on American Morning and continuing throughout dayside and primetime programming, CNN will highlight the stories of everyday people, offering viewers an understanding of the good, the bad and the reality of whether the stimulus money is being well spent or going toward wasteful projects. In his first television interview, Inspector General Earl Devaney, “the stimulus watchdog,” will sit down with CNN correspondent Kate Bolduan to give his take on how the stimulus money has been spent.

Leading the coverage on CNN/U.S. will be chief business correspondent Ali Velshi and CNN business correspondent Christine Romans. Velshi, along with CNN anchor TJ Holmes and correspondents Tom Foreman and Josh Levs, will review stimulus projects from CNN’s “Stimulus Desk,” and bring to light those that are the most interesting and newsworthy. CNN correspondents including Elizabeth Cohen, Drew Griffin, Joe Johns, Randi Kaye, David Mattingly, Ted Rowlands, Gerri Willis, and Kareen Wynter will fact-check the plan and report on which projects have been funded so far, where the jobs are, whether these projects will help the economy recover and where the loopholes are. In addition, CNN’s All Platform Journalists (APJs) have been deployed across the country on “stimulus patrol” and will contribute pieces throughout the week about various projects and people across the country that have been affected by the stimulus.

Online, is the premiere destination for all news, information and analysis related to the stimulus, and will feature multi-media photo galleries, text stories and video. Additionally, as part of “The Stimulus Project,” is launching a data visualization that details how much stimulus money has been spent thus-far and on which programs. The first of its kind, this interactive graphic will provide users with the most comprehensive and accessible view into the state of the stimulus. CNN’s chief business correspondent Ali Velshi also will use the data visualization on the Magic Wall on CNN/U.S. to help television viewers understand how the money is being used.

Additionally, at, has a special report that features an economy tracker which shows how stimulus money has been spent so far by state, and where new jobs have been created according to government information, an info-graphic that takes a look at some key factors of the economy and how it has gone up and down. In addition, the section includes opinion pieces on how the stimulus has worked and how it hasn’t. CNN iReport, the network’s user-generated news community, is asking iReporters to share their
personal stories to add color to the numerical data.

Viewers can call CNN at 1-800-TIPS-LINE, to explain what’s going on in their communities and how they feel the stimulus has impacted their jobs and lives. CNN will also conduct a poll and release numbers daily about Americans’ views of the stimulus package and the economy as a whole.