CNN’s G8 Includes HBO Tie-In

By Brian 

“CNN is deploying correspondents around the world to examine global issues” on the agenda of the G8 Summit, a press release says today.

“CNN will air an hour-long special, ‘Can You Save Them?’ on Saturday, July 2, at 7 p.m. (ET) and again on Sunday, July 3, at 10 a.m., which examines whether industrialized nations can eradicate poverty around the world through a concerted effort at the upcoming summit.” The special will use the HBO film ‘The Girl In The Cafe’ as a launching point for “CNN original reports and interviews on the subject,” including an interview with Tony Blair.

“I’m not sure many Americans know a great deal about the G8 Summit nor why it matters,” said CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein. “Through humor and romance, HBO’s film vividly illustrates the key issues facing the summit participants. CNN’s correspondent corps then picks up the ball and separates fact from fiction.”

For the series of reports, Christiane Amanpour visits Koraro, Ethiopia, a pilot village of the U.N. Millennium Project; Jeff Koinange explores the extent of corruption in local governments; and Alphonso Van Marsh examines the African Trade and Opportunity Act. More…