CNN’s Anderson Cooper Responds to Baltimore Official Who Criticized News Media

By Mark Joyella 

CNN’s Anderson Cooper questioned comments made by a Baltimore City Council president Bernard Young, who spoke Monday at a city news conference on the rioting that has overwhelmed the city. Cooper said Young had been critical of the media for “focusing on the negative.”

Responding directly to Young during “AC 360,” Cooper said “I’m not sure what he thinks cameras should be focused on at a time when police cars are being destroyed, lit on fire, 15 police officers are being injured and stores being looted. I’m not sure exactly sure what images he would like us to be photographing at this time, but it seems pretty important that authorities know what is happening in their city, and it doesn’t seem all that clear that the mayor has that firm a grasp on it.”

Cooper added there was irony in the city’s plans for using the very news video they criticized. “After blasting the media for taking these images, the mayor said she would be sure to use these images in order to find and track down the individuals who were looting and breaking the law.”