’s “Tremendous Upside”

By SteveK relaunched in January, with a greater focus on video content. Since then, the site has taken off in its digital influence and amount of traffic.

While business newsers followed the action at the Fed, today, at a TimeInc. Digital Showcase, general manager and SVP Jonathan Shar discussed the web video results. Last year the site was producing one to two pieces of content a day, whereas now it produces 16-18 regular weekly shows, monthly and annual specials and web specific programs that can eventually cross over and air on CNN.

The amount of video streams have moved the site to encompass 54% of all video streams in the financial category, according to Nielsen’s most recent Videocensus (other sites include MSN Money, Forbes and Streams have more than doubled since the launch.


“I think we’re under our potential,” Shar tells TVNewser. “We have a tremendous upside. We’re a difference kind of experience.”

CNN’s recent special programming, “Issue #1,” with a focus on the economy came about from a partnership. “CNN looked to CNNMoney as the editorial engine of business financial news on the economy,” Shar said. “It succeeded in driving back traffic to as well.”