CNNer Complains About Judy-Bashing

By Brian 

“Today’s news of the departure of Judy Woodruff is a real loss for CNN. She’s one of the few legitimate journalists that we have,” an insider e-mails. “What amazes me is how both the left and the right are taking pleasure at her departure. What a bunch of f***ing idiots, on both sides! For example, this from members of the conservative Free Republic site:”

“The darling of the left! — back to NPR?”

“And this from members of the liberal Democratic Underground site:”

“She was one of the WORST of the pro-Bush shills. I’ll be glad to see her gone.”

“Ok, excuse me, but what the hell is wrong with these people? Both sides can’t be right. Which is she — a pro Bush shill or a liberal Democratic mouthpiece? Perhaps the reason she’s being called both is because she’s actually (overall) a fair, unbiased reporter.”