CNN & YouTube; Now ABC & Facebook

By Chris Ariens 

In another case of old media meeting new media, the NYTimesBrian Stelter reports ABC News and Facebook will be sponsoring Republican and Democratic Presidential debates in New Hampshire early next year, just days before the primary there.

Stelter writes, “The collaboration between ABC News and Facebook started quietly several weeks ago, with personal pages of network reporters like Rick Klein, the author of ABC’s widely read political newsletter The Note, and Sunlen Miller, who has been covering Barack Obama.

Says ABC News president and new Facebook member David Westin, “There are debates going on at all times within Facebook. This allows us to participate in those debates, both by providing information and by learning from the users.”

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ABC News tells TVNewser the deal between the network and Facebook will include the following:

• Debate Groups: an area of the US Politics application where Facebook users can take a stand and discuss their views on the campaign’s key issues, including before and after planned Democratic and Republican Presidential candidate debates.
• Up-to-the-minute political news and video from the campaign trail reported by the ABC News political team.
• Dispatches from ABC News reporters assigned to the candidates.
• Facebook/ABC News Pulses, online surveys that feature results of polls conducted with users.

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