CNN Unveils the ‘Campaign Camper’

By Mark Joyella 

Does the 2016 campaign need a coverage camper? Perhaps not, but it’s getting one anyway, thanks to CNN, which today unveiled the “Campaign Camper” in a web video hosted by Chris Moody.

Unlike the CNN Blizzardmobile that patrolled the streets of New York in January, or the CNN Weather Beast that got stuck in snow in Massachusetts in February, the camper (an Airstream trailer that will require a vehicle to pull it–the Blizzardmobile, perhaps?) is not a reporting tool, but rather “the ultimate vehicle to make your voice heard,” the network says, since visitors can record questions to be used during upcoming presidential debates.

It’s unclear what the arrival of the Campaign Camper means for CNN’s long-running political bus, the Election Express.

Update: Turns out the Election Express was retired. CNN replaced it with the Blizzardmobile last winter.