CNN Testing Wire Capabilities Without AP

By kevin 

For this week, CNN is taking yet another step away from the Associated Press, eschewing the agency’s service for a trial run using only their own wires, reports the Washington Examiner:

As part of the test, the network will evaluate the need for an AP subscription, and will look to staff for feedback on how a lack of AP wires affects workflow. CNN already offers an external wire service to other news outlets.

As a network spokesperson points out, “CNN has made a conscious effort in the last few years to reduce our reliance on outside wire services.” CNN launched CNN Wire in 2008 in an effort to compete against the Associated Press particularly for newspaper business.

Advertisement already does not use AP stories or photos and the network dropped Reuters in 2007. An attempt to move away from the AP for CNN’s television network is another logical step, though the Examiner reports that some are a little apprehensive.