CNN Spreading Out Correspondents Across Swing States

By Alex Weprin 

CNN has announced a slew of assignments for network correspondents in advance of the Presidential election. The network will have anchors and reporters in every swing state, as well as some floaters that will travel to multiple states, and the correspondents embedded with the campaigns. The network is launching segments branded as “The Final Battlegrounds” starting on Monday.

“CNN is deploying its vast resources and top-notch reporters into the states that the campaigns are targeting as the election nears,” said Mark Whitaker, executive VP and managing editor of CNN Worldwide in a statement. “Our in-depth reporting and analysis will keep voters informed of the up-to-the-minute developments that will determine the outcome of this extraordinarily close presidential race.”

The correspondent assignments, after the jump.


· Various battleground states – John King, Peter Hamby
· Ohio – Martin Savidge, Don Lemon
· Virginia – Gary Tuchman, Athena Jones, Kate Bolduan
· Florida – John Zarella, Drew Griffin
· Iowa – Poppy Harlow, Chris Welch
· Wisconsin – Ted Rowlands
· Colorado – Kyung Lah, Ed Lavandera
· Nevada – Miguel Marquez
· New Hampshire – David Mattingly, Brian Todd
· Romney Campaign – Jim Acosta, Joe Johns, Rachel Streitfeld
· Obama Campaign – Jessica Yellin, Dan Lothian, Brianna Keilar
· Romney Campaign/ Rep. Ryan – Shawna Shepherd
· Obama Campaign/ VP Biden – Shannon Travis
· Election Express tour with stops in FL, NC, VA, OH – Ali Velshi, John Avlon, Gustavo Valdes