CNN “Severe Weather Expert” Chad Myers: 14 Hours & 1 BLT Break

By Brian 

CNN meteorologist and severe weather expert Chad Myers has stood out this stormy season for his marathon hurricane coverage. Wilma may have been his best opportunity yet to demonstrate his distinctive knowledge.

“How long was Chad Myers on the air?,” an e-mailer asked today. “I saw him on literally all night and through the morning.” Viewers could fall asleep to Myers, and wake up to him, too: He was scheduled to be on from 8pm Sunday to 10am Monday, for a total of 14 straight hours.

“It felt like 20 hours though,” he told TVNewser today. “At 4am, I did not think I was going to make it. I became light headed and then realized I had not had a bite to eat in 12 hours.

I took a 10 minute break and had the cafeteria make me a BLT and then I was fine for the rest of the time.”

The BLT was his only break until 10am.

The rest of the time, Myers was manipulating radar imagery, questioning National Hurricane Center experts and quizzing coastal correspondents. At some points, he became the anchor, and he commanded reporters like Miles O’Brien and Anderson Cooper to seek shelter.

“They’re like my kids out there,” Myers explained. “I sent them out to those locations…and I’m going to make sure they get home to their families.”

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