CNN Security Analyst Bob Baer Helps Tiny Mountain TV Station Go Big

By Mark Joyella 

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Former CIA officer Bob Baer has had plenty to talk about this week. The CNN national security analyst has made about four appearances on CNN shows each day since the release of the Senate report on CIA torture. In each case, whether he’s on “Situation Room” or “Erin Burnett: OutFront,” Baer’s always in the same place: sitting in front of a green screen in a high school in Telluride, Colorado.

“Telluride TV” is a nonprofit media center that produces community access programming, teaches media arts classes, and until this year, was known for its outdated equipment. But a fundraising campaign has brought in more than $38,000–enough to purchase new camera equipment, a multi-camera switcher, and, as the Durango Herald reports, the ability to provide live feeds with CNN’s requirements:


The iconic background scene demonstrates that Telluride can provide professional broadcasting services on short notice, said Katie Karow, executive director of Telluride TV.

Baer approached the station about enhanced facilities, Karow said. The media center’s previous direct-feed capability was too slow for CNN.

The recent expansion of its quarters in Telluride High School gave Telluride sufficient space to install the green screen, a TriCaster that permits multicamera shoots, and an LTN Global Communications video transport, Karow said. CNN suggested LTN because it provides a high-quality feed without delay, Karow said.