CNN Releases 15-Second Ads: ‘A Mask Can Say a Lot About the Person Who Wears It, but Even More About the Person Who Doesn’t …’

By A.J. Katz 

CNN released two 15-second ads today concerning the wearing of masks to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

While President Trump isn’t named in either of the ads, the message in at least one of them seems to target him and others who refuse to wear masks.

One of the ads: “A mask can say a lot about the person who wears it,” a voiceover says, adding. “But even more about the person who doesn’t.”


Sounds a bit political.

During this ad, a number of masks in different styles are set against a white backdrop, with piano music playing in the background. The spot concludes with the on-screen message “Please wear a mask,” followed by the CNN logo and “Facts First.”

The ad aired during the network’s morning show New Day.

Take a look:

The network released another 15-second ad, which comes across more as a PSA for all Americans.

The format is the same, with the same voiceover delivering a message with piano music in the background: “This is a mask. It prevents the spread of the coronavirus. This is not a political message. It’s a mask.” Once again, the message is followed by the CNN logo and “Facts First.”