CNN Prez Jon Klein Says Fox News Sounds A Little Nervous: “And They Should Be”

By Brian 

When Jon Klein said it, I’m sure he knew Dallas Morning News would use it, and I’m sure he knew the bloggers (like me) would plaster it in a headline, and I’m sure he knew FNC would come up with a response.

“They sound a little nervous,” Klein said to Ed Bark, referring to Fox News. “And guess what, they should be. Because we haven’t even started trying yet.” Which begs the question: When will they start trying?

> Also: “Literally thousands of stories break every day. But on any given day, conventional wisdom arises, and you get the same five stories on the cable news channels. That’s a big reason why television has lost so many news consumers to the Web…Breadth and in-depth reporting are what we have to repossess and reclaim,” Klein says.

> Update: 3:10pm: “I’m sure Greta is scared silly based on her show’s astronomical numbers this week,” Inside Cable News says.