CNN Pipeline: Jim Walton’s Memo

By Brian 

To: CNN Staff

From: Jim Walton

Today, launches CNN Pipeline, a commercial-free broadband video news service that promises to revolutionize the way people consume news and information online.

CNN Pipeline is our first major effort to move our live video assets online. For the first time, online users have the ability to select from multiple live video streams, our extensive video archives or from numerous on-demand news clips. CNN Pipeline demonstrates a commitment to utilize the newest technology to improve the presentation and accessibility of news.

Talk of innovation aside, CNN Pipeline also represents the extraordinary commitment and determination of more than 300 people across the News Group and Technology staffs that have spent nearly 15 months perfecting the elaborate functions and processes involved in such a venture. The creation of CNN Pipeline represents an ideal collaboration across the CNN News Group to bring unique content and the best that the news service has to offer.

Please join me in congratulating them on this major milestone, not only for CNN, but for online journalism. Just a reminder: this innovative application is free to all CNN employees.