CNN Pipeline: “4 Times The Capability”

By Brian 

The Hollywood Reporter writes up CNN Pipeline:

“When the plane shooting happened, we had three different affiliates’ coverage. We had multiple angles on the story; you could select the one you wanted,” said David Payne, senior vp CNN News Services and general manager of “I think even more intriguing, as that was happening, there was a bank robbery in Oregon and a rescue in Georgia.”

“Payne thinks this is the promise of Pipeline. He said the mostly anchorless live streams show what the news is. The live coverage of the plane shooting allowed viewers to see the same feeds that the network control rooms were viewing at the same time.”

“As the story was unfolding for the plane shooting, and it became clear that that was under control, all these other events were happening,” Payne said. “That really shows the power. On linear television, you’re so limited in what you can do and what you can show. We have four times the capability.”