CNN: Is “Quality” An Illusion?

By Brian 

In an e-mail to TVNewser, a CNN Atlanta insider is afraid that the network’s efforts to improve its “quality” will not bear ratings fruit. “‘Quality’ is a word that Sue Bunda used about 15 times in an editorial meeting yesterday,” the insider said on Thursday. Quoting the e-mail:

 Jon Klein stresses over and over that we need “quality” to win back the viewers, but is the new Headline News lineup an example of “quality?” I think not.

…Unfortunately, no matter how much “quality” you have, people will still prefer “crap.” That’s why FOX is so successful.

Is that true? Are viewers turned off by quality? Comment on it, using the tip box. The insider continues:

 “On one hand I can certainly understand her spin that “quality” will somehow beat FOX. But again, look at our ratings — we had over 800,000 watch the live Martha Stewart LKL, and despite my horror at the train wreck that is the “Nancy Grace” show, it is gaining in the ratings, too. Some people can talk all they want about “journalism” and “educating people” but when you come right down to it, CNN is in the business of RATINGS. At first I had high hopes for Jon Klein, but I’m afraid that he’s starting to take CNN down the wrong road too.”

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