CNN Interviews Donald Sterling’s ‘Friend’…a Self-Described Pimp

By Jordan Chariton 

CNNA self-described friend of Donald Sterling was the lead guest on “CNN Special Report” last night at 10pmET, claiming to be his former pimp.

“So you introduced him to some ladies from time to time,” Don Lemon asked rapper Maseratimet, who said he’s known sterling for five or six years.

The aspiring rapper said he never sensed a racist tone from the Los Angeles Clippers’ owner, and after hearing the TMZ-leaked tape of Sterling making controversial comments, he called him; he was met with a “crazy” tirade from Sterling, which he recorded.


“He just started going crazy, just started going off…I just hit record,” Maseratimet continued. “I just wanted people to hear the other side of Donald Sterling.”

The rapper claims he’s behind every other leaked tape of Sterling other than the first one V. Stiviano released.

CNN’s interview with Sterling’s alleged pimp wasn’t met favorably.