CNN International Programming Is First to Originate From the New Ted Turner Techwood Campus

By Mark Mwachiro 

Last week, select CNN International shows were the first to be produced out of CNN’s new Atlanta home at the Ted Turner Techwood Campus in Midtown.

CNN Newsroom with Max Foster, CNN World Sport, Connect the World with Becky Anderson, Amanpour, and Quest Means Business were the first shows to originate out of the Techwood control rooms, with more show launches expected in the coming months.

These newly built control rooms are IP-based, built using SMPTE-2110 infrastructure, providing a lot of flexibility, and designed for news, sports, and entertainment.


According to a CNN spokesperson, the launch of shows from these control rooms required seamless coordination with CNN studio operations in London, Abu Dhabi, New York, and Washington, D.C. This was the culmination of thousands of hours of work across CNN’s technical, operations, and engineering teams, a process that began five years ago.


A more definitive timeline regarding CNN’s operations moving out of the CNN Center has also emerged. CNN’s U.S. dayside will start producing shows out of these control rooms in September, and all programming currently broadcast from the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta will transition over to Techwood by October.

The new high-tech new studios at Techwood will be ready at the end of the year, with the first shows expected to originate from the facilities early next year.

CNN’s time at the legendary CNN Center is rapidly drawing to a close. Past and present CNNers gathered at the big red CNN sign located outside the CNN Center earlier this month for a group photo as they bid goodbye to a building many called their work home.