CNN HLN Preps For “Talking Points” Pilot Featuring Comedian John Fugelsang

By Brian 

CNN Headline News is looking for a studio audience for an “entertaining special on politics, pop culture and current events.” The pilot, called Talking Points, is being billed as “a show that’s sure to put a twist on the traditional newscast.” It will be taped in the Jack Morton Auditorium at The George Washington University in D.C. on Wednesday, August 17 at 7:30pm.

Talking Points will be “hosted by comedian and writer John Fugelsang,” an e-mail invitation to the program says. It promises to “cut through the spin of today’s newsmakers and get to the bottom of what’s really going on.”

The invite says: “If you understand the difference between the terms ‘war on terror’ and ‘global struggle against violent extremism’ stay home. But like us, if you wonder why anyone would take the time to create and market a new slogan while a war is on, come join our studio audience for opinion, debate, a few laughs and free air-conditioning!”

Free AC — now you’re hooked, eh? To request tickets, e-mail or call 202-994-8CNN…

> Update: 2:50pm: Dan asks: “Isn’t cutting through the spin of today’s newsmakers and getting to the bottom of what’s really going on EXACTLY what a traditional newscast should do???”

> Update: 2:55pm: One industry insider laughs: “‘Talking Points?’ Why is it that CNN continues to lack the creativity to come up with names for shows on their own? Sounds like they poached the latest one from The O’Reilly Factor…”