CNN Giving ‘Parker – Spitzer’ Time to Grow

By Chris Ariens 

A week in to CNN’s “Parker-Spitzer” we’re starting to hear the “we’ll give it some time” line from CNN. How much time is not known. In today’s Wall Street Journal Sam Schechner writes about some of the tweaks the show has gone through in its first five outings:

By Thursday night, the hosts’ newspaper-strewn table was free of most detritus. A segment called “Our Political Party!” featured a bigger table that can accommodate six people without seeming cramped.

Producers are also experimenting with new ways to juggle segments and add energy to the broadcast. “Parker Spitzer” led off Thursday’s show with a taped CNN interview with Christine O’Donnell, the tea-party-backed U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware. Later in the show, a roundtable with former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed included some sparring.


“We weren’t in this for the first night,” Bart Feder, CNN SVP told Schechter. “We’re in this to launch and to let it grow. And we’re confident it will.”

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