CNN, Bloomberg Among News Brands on Apple’s ‘News’ App

By Mark Joyella 

At its WWDC developers’ conference today, Apple announced “News,” a curated news app the company describes as “all the news you want, right where you want it.” The app’s launch partners include CNN, ESPN, and Bloomberg Business along with a variety of legacy and digital brands, including The New York Times and BuzzFeed.

Apple says the News app will personalize a user’s feed to provide the kinds of stories they prefer. “News has the latest stories, articles, and posts, with over a million topics to choose from,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of product marketing.

“It supports our mobile strategy to publish and syndicate our content to new platforms, and meet our customers where they consume news.” CNN’s chief product officer Alex Wellen said in a statement.


Content from Bloomberg will include “text, photos, graphics, and videos” from the Bloomberg Business home page as well as the Markets, Technology, Pursuits, Politics and View sections.
“We’re thrilled to have a technology and design icon like Apple invite us to lead an initiative that will impact the way consumers get news on the go,” said Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith.