CNN Employees Get A ‘Pipeline’ Preview

By Brian 

Date: August 11, 2005

To: CNN Staff

From: Jim Walton

“Today, we are previewing CNN Pipeline for all CNN employees around the world. Instructions on how to download and install the Beta version of this innovative broadband product will arrive in your e-mail soon. Watching the live streams of CNN Pipeline on my computer reminds me of CNN’s history of innovation, from live coverage of every space shuttle launch, to our Gulf War reports from Baghdad, to the recently launched The Situation Room. No other news organization continually uses the newest technology to evolve the way news is presented and consumed.

As you explore CNN Pipeline, please keep in mind that the development team wants your comments and your feedback on content, usability and functionality. A series of surveys will be available throughout the Beta test to facilitate comment. Look for an e-mail with instructions for using the Beta version of CNN Pipeline. And have fun with the latest CNN innovation.”