CNN Correspondent Questions Whether CNN is ‘Overcovering’ News Corp. Scandal

By Chris Ariens 

As the media continues to cover the News Corp. hacking scandal, TVNewser continues to cover the coverage. Earlier, we showed you the results of a TVEyes search of Wednesday’s cable news coverage, while CNN did its own analysis of how Rupert Murdoch’s properties are covering the story. Here’s the conclusion of CNN correspondent Brian Todd’s segment with anchor Kyra Phillips during her show Wednesday.

As for the Fox News Channel coverage, Fox News stayed mainly silent on prime time on Thursday. That’s when it broke that Murdoch was shutting down News of the World. We found 7 mentions on the Fox News Channel over the last week, including one reported piece. We could not get spokespeople for News Corporation or Fox News Channel to comment on this. We do have to say, though, our colleagues in Britain tell us that Sky News, one of Murdoch’s other entities, was not holding back in its coverage and in our search of the mention on CNN, we should say, turns up 100 of them over the past week, so a fair question could be: is CNN maybe overcovering this. Kyra?

Fox News says, by their count, they’ve done more than 40 mentions/segments since the announcement of News of the World‘s shut down, until this afternoon. As for how the cable news networks reported today’s development that the FBI is now looking into whether News Corp. employees hacked the phones of 9/11 victims, here are the reporting times:

CNBC – 2:22pmET
Bloomberg – 2:31
FBN – 2:44
CNN – 2:54
Fox News – 2:55
MSNBC – 3:30

And for what it’s worth Fox News reported a story involving itself earlier this afternoon. At 2:37pmET, during a Fox News Alert, the network reported the results of a Judicial Watch investigation into the White House vs. Fox News “confrontation” in the Fall of 2009 with correspondent Jim Angle reporting from Washington.