News Networks Get on Snapchat

By Brian Flood 

Snapchat… it’s not just for kids anymore.

As networks attempt to reach a younger audience, CNN and Fusion have launched a new section of Snapchat that will allow users to access news articles, photos and video. Snapchat Discover will release a new edition of each network’s platform-specific content every 24 hours, with at least five new stories.

Each story will be headlined by a ten-second video or animated teaser. Readers will then have the option to swipe up for more in-depth reporting or swipe left to the next story.


Sick of accidentally reading the same news twice? Snapchat Discover has you covered. When a user completes an edition, channel colors invert. The logo will return to full color when new content becomes available.

“Fusion’s audience was born on the digital frontier and we need to be engaging with this young, diverse generation everywhere they live,” said Fusion CEO Isaac Lee. “We know millennials care deeply about the world around them and when people discover Fusion on Snapchat they will find smart and entertaining stories with a global perspective.”