CNN Confirms ‘Pipeline:’ It “Puts Broadband Consumers In The Ultimate Driver’s Seat”

By Brian 

First on TVNewser: Last year, this blog reported that CNN was creating an Internet news channel. Two weeks ago, this blog reported that it would be called CNN Pipeline. Today, CNN made it official:

“ today announced that its broadband premium service, CNN Pipeline, will offer an unrivaled on-demand news experience that showcases the full depth of CNN’s video resources,” a press release says. “CNN Pipeline will put users in control of multiple live video streams, CNN’s video archives and on-demand news clips from CNN’s unmatched newsgathering operation around the world.”

The service was unveiled at the TCA Press Tour in Los Angeles. Jim Walton introduced a brief demo of the technology.

“With the upcoming launch of CNN Pipeline, stakes out new ground for the online news user,” Susan Grant, executive vice president of CNN News Services, says in the press release. “Together with our launch of free video in June, this groundbreaking premium service puts broadband consumers in the ultimate driver’s seat. You select whether you want to watch daily news clips for free on the site or any one of several live streams of news from CNN Pipeline.”

> Also: “Subscribers access CNN Pipeline by downloading an easy-to-use video player.”

> But: CNN did not confirm plans for 12 hours of live streaming newscasts each weekday.