CNN Business Launches Internal Investigation Into Treatment of Female Staffers, Workplace Culture

By A.J. Katz 

Business Insider is reporting that CNN Business, which is the network’s digital team that covers tech, media and the markets, has launched an internal investigation into the treatment of women and its workplace culture.

“The ‘work environment assessment,’ as the inquiry is being called internally, is being conducted by HR employees at CNN’s parent company, AT&T’s WarnerMedia,” reports BI’s Steven Perlberg. “The assessment appears to be focused on workplace culture, not the behavior of an individual, according to two of the sources.”

One CNN Business female employee told Perlberg: “I’ve found there to be a lack of transparency in how to get promoted or how to appear on TV. I get the feeling the company wants to keep as many people as possible at a low pay grade or stay in a certain box and that has led to women not being supported.”


According to Perlberg, CNN Digital svp Meredith Artley acknowledged the HR assessment during a CNN Business “ask me anything” call last Tuesday (April 20).

When reached, CNN declined to comment.