CNN Beats Fox News…On Olbermann’s “Worst” List

By SteveK 

Keith Olbermann‘s “World’s Worst” list on last night’s Countdown looked different than usual — a Fox News anchor only finished second. Instead, Olbermann deemed CNN anchor Lou Dobbs the “worst person in the world,” for his Monday night tirade against the LA Times. Olbermann, who said Dobbs “has been teetering on the edge of madness for a couple of years now,” took exception with Dobbs’ stance on immigration.

Olbermann played much of Dobbs’ rant during the segment before responding. He cited from the book, “A Sunday Horse,” by Vicky Moon, which discusses Dobbs’ two daughters and their involvement in horse jumping. Olbermann brings up the fact that many illegal immigrants work in the horse jumping industry as evidence of Dobbs’ hypocrisy. “Weeknights Lou Dobbs threatens illegal immigrants, and on weekends he pays them to clean up after his daughters’ horses,” he said.

Dobbs doesn’t seem to like being attacked. Will he respond tonight?


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> More from an emailer: “If Dobbs blasts back at KO, it will be an early Christmas gift.”