CNN Anchors Mock Paris Hilton “News;” Who Forces Them To Cover This Crap?

By Brian 

CNN anchor Heidi Collins couldn’t hide her disdain for this morning’s news of Paris Hilton‘s release from jail. Co-anchor Tony Harris could be heard laughing in the background.

Entertainment correspondent Brooke Anderson bore the brunt of the jokes (and did so quite well). Here are some examples of Collins’ questions:

  COLLINS, sarcastically: Certainly medical considerations apparently played a part in her release, certainly not preferential treatment!–



  COLLINS: Has this ever happened for any other individual in the entire history of the world?

ANDERSON: It has happened with celebrities…


  COLLINS: Can people come to her house for the party?

ANDERSON: I guess so if they wanted to…

And finally:

  COLLINS: And what designer will craft the ankle bracelet for her?

ANDERSON, laughing: I don’t know, I don’t know…

“Boy oh boy oh boy. I’m so glad that you’re there for us. It’s entertainment, that’s for sure,” Collins concluded.

Then she plugged CNN Pipeline’s instant replay of the press conference. “I’m logging on right now,” Harris mocked…