CNN Anchor Jim Scuitto Back on Air After Month-Long Absence

By Mark Mwachiro 

After taking some personal time, CNN’s Jim Scuitto returned to his usual perch on Thursday, anchoring the weekday morning edition of CNN Newsroom.

Scuitto had been off CNN’s air for a month after the network instructed him to address a ‘personal situation’ stemming from a fall he had in Amsterdam while returning from a reporting assignment in Ukraine earlier in the year, said The Daily Mail.

The Daily Beast reported that Scuitto was in Amsterdam with his producer when he fell and injured himself. The network then conducted an internal investigation as it looked into what led to the incident in the Netherlands.


This incident stood out because CNN typically flies its staff reporting in and out from Ukraine via Poland, so it’s unclear why Scuitto and his producer were in Amsterdam.

The Daily Beast also reported that CNN Newsroom staffers were displeased at finding out about Scuitto’s return from CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter and not through internal communication.

In addition to his anchoring duties, Scuitto is also CNN’s chief national security correspondent.