CNN Alters Promo Audio to Make It Sound Less Left-Leaning

By Chris Ariens 

Time‘s Michael Scherer opened a can of worms yesterday when he wrote about a promo he’d seen for CNN’s AC360. In the promo a woman says “I’m a lifelong Democrat … and that’s why I watch Anderson Cooper.” The voice goes on to say that Cooper is the person she can turn to hold “right wing” conservatives accountable.

Scherer took this to the bank and concluded CNN was airing a promo geared toward a left-leaning audience. He wrote, “If anything, the Anderson Cooper promo is just the latest evidence of what Fox News president Roger Ailes seems to have known long ago: Cable news viewers seem to want an ideological slant to their information.”

Well, Scherer has since corrected the post, because, as a TVNewser reader pointed out yesterday, there was another voice on that promo speaking at the same time — a man who says “I’m a lifelong Republican…and that’s why I watch Anderson Cooper.” But the audio was much lower for the man’s voice than for the woman’s voice.


Well, Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer did some digging and found out CNN re-edited the promo this morning so now the audio is more balanced. CNN’s explanation:

CNN tells us the promo had audio dubbed in stereo, rather than a mono track. The spot has been remixed and is now more clear.

See the newly re-mixed version of the promo, after the jump…