CNBC’s New 7pm Show: “Return To Roots”

By Brian 

“We will be introducing a new Business Day program at 7 p.m. ET sometime in the Third Quarter,” CNBC prez Mark Hoffman announced two weeks ago. So what is the net cooking up? Nothing is set in stone, but the program could symbolize a return to CNBC’s roots: One insider called it a “Business Center-like flagship newscast of record for the business world.” (With a new name, though.)

Business Center used to be the network’s “signature evening business newscast,” anchored by Ron Insana and Sue Herera, “from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.” The new show will adopt a new title, and probably new anchors as well. Hoffman is actively involved in the development of the new program; look for it to debut in September…

> Update: 4:26pm: Kevin e-mails in: “I could never really comprehend the decision to scratch Business Center. I still think that was kinda crazy, a little misguided, and damaging to the net. This is a good step for them, an important one, and a big one. Perhaps the net is finally moving in the right direction again.”

> Update: 4:49pm: Another CNBC insider says the new show is Hoffman’s “first baby,” “so you can bet he’ll work to make it fly. No word on exactly WHAT it’ll be but as for WHOM, we know he’s very hot on: Joe Kernen, Brad Goode, Liz Claman and Jim Cramer so it may include some or all?”