CNBC’s Faber: On eBay, Ratings & Fox

By Brian 

A week before the premiere of his new documentary, “The eBay Effect,” CNBC’s David Faber talks to TV Guide’s Stephen Battaglio about the program (and CNBC’s ratings).
Faber’s last feature, “The Age Of Wal-Mart,” “has run about 27 times,” Faber says. “Every time it runs, it gets record ratings, so they keep running it.” But he says he doesn’t think about the ratings. An interesting excerpt:

  TVG: There are low ratings on CNBC, but the argument has been that a lot of people are watching at work and are not counted by Nielsen.

Faber: Yeah, and none of whom by the way would ever have a Nielsen meter in their home. As long as you’re getting feedback to some extent, you know somebody is out there watching. You want to hear from the people you respect, and I’ve never felt that’s changed in a big way.

TVG: How do people at CNBC feel about Fox News coming up with a competing business channel?

Faber: I’ll be very curious how they decide to program it. I think competition is not a bad thing.
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