CNBC Unveils New Business Day On-Air Look; Rebrands Mid-Morning Program

By Mark Mwachiro 

On Monday, CNBC made two key changes to its business programming. It debuted a new on-air graphics look and rebranded its weekday 11 a.m. ET hour to Money Movers.

CNBC’s new on-air look, which it says is a change that has been over a year-and-half in the making, is a clean, minimal overall aesthetic that delivers simplicity to the viewer so they can engage comfortably 24-7. The network says the on-air design is built off of a “base grid foundation, with the square shape acting as the root of CNBC’s design language.” All actionable information and language can be seamlessly communicated through this core design element.

The on-air look features a lower third banner with one graphic element that is onscreen most of the time. This new lower third establishes a clear hierarchy with the main topic easy to read and the boldest item within the element. CNBC kept the iconic ticker, but it was also reimagined, while the bottom line (formerly known as the bug stack) is where all the major indices can be found.


Leslie Picker featured with CNBC's new on-air look

Meanwhile, the 11 a.m. ET hour, which used to be the third hour of Squawk on the Street, is now known as Money Movers, a business show that provides investors with real-time analysis of the stories and the people attracting the attention of the markets each day.

Money Movers, still anchored by Carl Quintanilla and Sara Eisen, captures the energy of the day’s early trading. The program includes the breaking news and numbers driving stocks and sectors, helping investors make critical decisions. The anchors will speak with the CEOs, government decision-makers and newsmakers who play a relevant role in how money is moving.