CNBC Simulcasts CNBC World

By Chris Ariens 

At 10pmET CNBC began simulcasting CNBC World. The change from regular programming was due to tonight’s emergency rate cut from the Fed and as the Asian markets tumbled at their opens. The Federal Reserve cut the rate on direct loans to commercial banks. As of this writing, the U.S. futures are also down sharply (Dow — 223 / NASDAQ — 44 / S&P — 29).

The rare Sunday night programming change comes after the network received some criticism for staying in taped programming during two of the last U.S. holidays, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Presidents Day, when the foreign markets made news.

> More from an emailer: “FBN has a taped episode of The Dave Ramsey Show. With all of the News Corp bravado for heckling CNBC for going to taped programming when the markets are closed on holidays, why isn’t FBN simulcasting its sister network Sky News Business Channel from Australia right now?”