C’mon, Jon, Tell Us You Want Her

By Brian 

Finally, someone asks! In May, J. Max Robins wondered aloud if Diane Sawyer could move to CNN next year. In June, TVNewser suggested “Diane Sawyer Live.” In August, she was still being talked about as Larry King‘s replacement.
This week, TV Guide’s Stephen Battaglio asked CNN/U.S. prez Jon Klein about the possibility, and…

  TVGuide.com: Do you want to hire Diane Sawyer?

Klein: I think she’s a fabulously talented person. I don’t know that she’s available.

TVGuide.com: Would she be a good fit with CNN?

Klein: She’s an outstanding journalist whom I worked with a long time ago [at CBS News]. It was a fabulous experience.

TVGuide.com: I don’t hear a yes or a no.

Klein: I don’t know that she’s available. I’ve heard all kinds of rumors.

TVGuide.com: But if she were?

Klein: Look, there are a lot of people out there who are great journalists, and great journalists will always find a happy home at CNN.