Clinton Emails on Fox News: ‘Those Shows Need at Least One Sane Realistic Voice’

By Mark Joyella 

In the latest batch of declassified Hillary Clinton emails, the then-Secretary of State said she thought shows on Fox News could use “at least one sane reasonable voice.”

In a 2009 email to Clinton, Marty Torrey, a family friend, asked if Clinton had seen an appearance on Fox News Channel by Harold Naughton, a Massachusetts state representative:

“You may not have caught our friend Hank on Fox News at 6:15 AM today. He did a great job on the issue of troop requirements in Afghanistan and the controversy w/ VP v General opinions on troop needs. Spoke with Hank yesterday. He was characteristically a ‘cool hand’ this morning in what I think was his national media ‘debut’. Hope all is well. Best, Marty.”


Clinton replies, “Yeah for Hank! Maybe he will become a regular. Those shows need at least one sane realistic voice.” Torrey replied, “Yep, especially certain Fox personalities.”

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