‘Clickholed’: Anderson Cooper Confesses to Twitter Blunder

By Mark Joyella 

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is many things, but a master of, as he put it, “the fickle mistress that is Twitter,” well, that’s not one of them. Cooper, who was unaware that Clickhole is not a legitimate news site, but rather a comedy site, pounced when he saw his name attached to a quote that ANDERSON COOPER DID NOT EVER REALLY SAY.

Cooper immediately fired off a tweet calling out Clickhole, asking sarcastically if they “make this stuff up.”

On AC360 Wednesday, Cooper confessed to not realizing that yes, Clickhole, part of The Onion, definitely makes this stuff up. “Some may say I could’ve done a teeny bit of clicking around…clicking around said hole…and maybe being tipped off by the other headlines,” which are somewhat easy to spot as comedy. “It is particularly humiliating to me given the fact that I am a fan of The Onion,” Cooper said, before finally sighing and muttering “I’m a loser.”