“Civil War:” Some Reactions

By Brian 

> The Nation: “Major media outlets are beginning to recognize the obvious: Iraq is now in a state of civil war…”

> Boston Globe: “The new policy, which NBC News said would cover all its news shows, could become a benchmark in public opinion about the war, according to media specialists…”

> Baltimore Sun: “Labeling the conflict as a civil war could deepen public distaste for keeping U.S. troops in Iraq…”

> William Arkin: “Now that Television has decided to label the fighting in Iraq a civil war, pundits in the it’s-a-civil-war group will wage battle against the it’s-not-a-civil-war camp…”

> Sean Hannity on FNC last night: “They think that they’re Walter Cronkite and they want to have an impact here. But they’ve never given the American public the story about all the success in Iraq…”

> NY Post editorial: Once Iraq becomes, in the public mind, a civil war between opposing factions competing for political power — and not a case of a terrorist insurgency aimed ultimately at Western civilization — the sentiment for a hasty withdrawal grows. As does NBC’s perceived power. Which almost certainly is why NBC made its announcement yesterday…”