Christiane Amanpour to Wolf Blitzer: ‘Be Really Careful Putting That Across as a Fact’

By Jordan Chariton 

CNN Blitzer AmanpourDuring a segment on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine on yesterday’s “The Situation Room,” Christiane Amanpour got into it with her colleague Wolf Blitzer over his reporting of the story.

“You’ve gotta be really careful putting that across as a fact,” Amanpour said in response to Blitzer reading off a statement from the Russian ambassador to the U.N. Security Council that said “fascists and anti-Semites in Ukraine” are at fault for the violence.

“That’s what Vitaly Churkin said,” Blitzer shot back.


“He may have done,” she continued. “Are you telling me, are you saying that the entire pro-European…”

“Of course not,” Blitzer defended, explaining that he was only reporting what Churkin said. Amanpour continued to caution that CNN has to be careful not to lump the entire pro-European Ukranians as extremists.

Watch the CNN friendly fire below.