Who the networks are sending to Japan

By Chris Ariens 

Christiane Amanpour is among the network anchors packing their bags and heading for Japan. Amanpour will host “This Week” from Tokyo on Sunday, the only Sunday show host to do so. ABC News says “World News” weekend anchor David Muir, and correspondent Clarissa Ward are also en route to Japan to report on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

For NBC News Weekend “Today” and Weekend “Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt, is on his way as is “Today” news anchor Ann Curry. Correspondent Lee Cowan, and Ian Williams are in route as well.

For CBS News, anchor Harry Smith will lead coverage for the network. Correspondent Lucy Craft continues her reporting and correspondents Bill Whitaker and Charlie D’Agata are also en route.

For Fox News, correspondents Adam Housley, David Piper and Greg Palkot are en route.

And here’s who is going, or already there, for CNN.

But it’s Amanpour who gives real meaning to the term globetrotter.

In the last two months she has anchored “This Week” from Arizona, site of the shootings in Tucson; from Cairo, during the Egyptian uprising, and two weeks ago from, Tripoli, Libya as chaos broke out there.

“This Week” may still be in third place in the ratings, (though up +11% in A25-54 viewers last month, v. Feb. 2010), but if nothing else, Amanpour is breaking the Sunday morning mold.