Chris Wallace’s Most Awkward On-Air Moment

By Chris Ariens 

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s Patricia Sheridan talks with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. Wallace, who has been with Fox for 8 years, says he’s spent “a good quarter of a century in the mainstream media,” at NBC News and later ABC News. The Q&A probes Wallace’s most “awkward” moment on air (it was this), his interview with Michele Bachmann (for which he later apologized) and what Fox’s “biggest contribution to journalism” is. And there’s this about the issues at another News Corp. property:

Sheriden: Rupert Murdoch closed the News of the World after the phone tapping scandal erupted in Britain. What was the reaction inside Fox?

Wallace: I feel as Rupert Murdoch does. It was an unacceptable breach of journalistic ethics. I’m glad he shut down the paper. Having said that, I have not seen a scintilla of evidence that it was ever done at Fox News. We’ve been assured by our bosses from Roger Ailes down that it’s never happened. There certainly has been no indication in the weeks and months since the scandal broke in Britain that Fox News was involved in any of this. I have utter faith and trust that it didn’t happen, and if it ever did it would be immediately stopped, and people would be out of Fox News before the day was done.