Chris Wallace Sits Down with Donald Trump on Fox News Sunday

By A.J. Katz 

Chris Wallace will interview president-elect Donald Trump for the Sunday, December 11th episode of Fox News Sunday. This will be Trump’s first appearance on a Sunday morning public affairs program since becoming president-elect, and it can be seen on most FOX stations across the country (with replays on Fox News later in the day).

Trump’s conversation with Wallace will be his 5th TV interview since becoming president-elect, and his third with Fox News. This interview promises to be more extensive than his conversations with Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt, held last week. Topics will include upcoming Cabinet announcements, including of Secretary of State, what he plans to accomplish in the first 100 days, and how is dealing with the media, at present and going forward.

Wallace will also travel with the president-elect on Trump Force One for a segment which will air later in the broadcast.


Here’s a list of Trump’s TV interviews since November 8th:

Lesley Stahl – 60 Minutes  (Nov. 13)
Sean Hannity – Fox News  (Dec. 1)
Ainsley Earhardt – Fox News (Dec. 2)
Matt Lauer (phone) – Today (Dec. 7)
Chris Wallace – Fox News Sunday  (Dec. 11)